A loosely affiliated group of hosts across New York City are hosting regular co working sessions, as Socratica nodes, across various communities in New York City. Rather than having one mega-pod, we've opted to create a distributed network of smaller, more intimate nodes.

Each Socratica NYC node has its own group of regulars and identity, while still remaining connected to the larger NYC community. This allows for a more intimate experience tailored to the interests and needs of each session.

** Socratica is an open collective of makers, builders, artists, and everyone in between. It started out in Waterloo Canada with nodes across the country.*

🌱 Why?

We want to create space for…

We exist to support people as they work on the things that they love but struggle to make time for — this place is not for job hunting, catching up on work, sending emails, making sales pitches or networking.

We fiercely protect what makes each node special because the magic only exists when we all buy in together.

We are keeping sessions small and distributed because…

✨ About the nodes in NYC

Here are some of the current Socratica NYC nodes

Cozy Sundays in Soho

Sunday afternoons, biweekly. Hosted by @Jaclyn and @Kasra Koushan